EXCLUSIVE: Veridia Interview!

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We got the chance to talk with Deena Jakoub, lead singer of Veridia.

Your EP has so many different elements from different genres where do the different inspirations come from?

A lot of the inspiration centered on personal preferences for the music we like to listen to, well rounded bringing in personal tastes. Anything inspiring us at the time we inevitably put in our music

What artists are you listening to right now?

A lot of Twenty One Pilots, Marina and the Diamonds, and a lot of Queen on the road.

Your EP cover art is incredible, who came up with the concept?

Thank you, that was me inspired by the title track that song being the focus of what we wanted to portray the zipper representing the enclosing or imprisoning all of those pretty lies when it comes to people in our society and generation trying to tell you what perfection is and we’re supposed to speak this idea or vision of perfection when it comes to beauty or success. We wanted to take a stand for loving ourselves for who we’re created to be and finding beauty in our own flaws and imperfections.

How did your collaboration with Matty Mullins come about?

It was history really, I was originally from Dallas Memphis May Fire is based in Dallas, they moved to Nashville close to the same time that we did. I flat out asked Matty, I love his voice in general and one of my favorite songs of theirs is Keep Me Close hearing his singing voice I thought he would be perfect for a feature there and he was happy to do it.

You are on your first tour, everyone seems to have that one crazy tour story what’s yours?

The van we borrowed to tour with we just got back in town and as soon as we pulled into the city the transmission blew out. We barely got home and had to get it towed to its owner. Previously we were on Winter Jam with Family Force 5, we dressed up in jumpsuits went on stage with them for one of their songs they have giant balloons I ran on stage and their guitar tech ran around the corner slammed into me and somehow I didn’t fly off the stage I was rolling around the floor and nobody ended up capturing it on video. I was really hoping it would be a slo mo on YouTube. He had no clue he bouldered me.

We saw your tweet about the long rides on the road, do you have a favorite app to pass the time?

Honestly I’ve been addicted to Kitchen Scramble, it’s kind of stupid you rent a food truck and you have to memorize these recipes and cook up fake food It’s really time consuming and addicting.

Your music has been featured on ESPN and you sang at the Chicago Cubs game are you a sports fa or do you have a favorite team?

I’m a Rangers fan, baseball is the only thing I was around and went to as a kid.  I was into soccer for a short while, my dad was a coach and as the coach’s kid I was supposed to play but I was really bad. That was short lived. I’m a Cubs fan too!

What are you up to after the last few shows?

We’re planning a music video, playing Voo Doo fest, and going out with Evanescence for a couple shows in November so those are the things that we’re looking forward to.


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