EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Lamarche On Her New Hallmark Movie

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Not only does actress, filmmaker, producer, and casting director, Rebecca Lamarche have a brand new Hallmark rom-com out this weekend (of course it involves a prince and of course we will cry) but two other exciting projects in the works. We got to chat with her on it all.

STAG RIGHT SECRETS: How do you balance being an actress, filmmaker, producer, and casting director?
Rebecca Lamarche: Balance is probably my greatest challenge and something I’m always working to improve – and have been!

When I’m producing on-set it usually means that I’ll learn an audition after wrap, tape and edit it between midnight and 1am, and then get up at 5:30am (or earlier) to drive to set again. It’s a lot of determination, a lot of tea, a lot of support from my boyfriend, and basically no sleep.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made in the past two years is limiting the amount of on-set producing I take on and shifting more into [star]-packaging and development. It harmonizes much better with the other aspects of my career because I can adjust my hours, am usually on-call, and can check in and out of set as needed. This also lets me work a few weeks ahead, so as acting obligations or opportunities come up, I can shift gears without letting anything slip through the cracks.

As for casting, I do my first search through self-tapes and then schedule callbacks and or chemistry tests as needed. I find it’s a more efficient use of everyone’s time and I get to see more people that way!

You probably got way more from that question than you were looking for! [Laughs]

What drew you to each career path?
I’m a very empathetic, curious and imaginative person. I think that those personality traits are what call me to acting and why I find it such a rewarding art form.

In regard to filmmaking; fundamentally, I’m a storyteller. I really thrive in connecting with people, listening to people, and telling stories. That being said, it wasn’t an obvious career path to me – I could still see myself thriving in a bunch of different careers ahha, and once again I think that helps me with acting.

My career actually started with acting and journalism – I decided to use my skills from journalism to forge a career as a filmmaker too. It’s the same toolkit, you just use the tools a little differently.

What can you tell us about your role in Hallmark Channel’s rom-com Fit for a Prince?
Fit For A Prince was one of my favorite movies to make, ever. My character, Brooke, is a privileged socialite akin to American royalty, who just so happens to be hosting European Royalty. On paper, she’s vain and a little vapid, but I wanted her to be fun to watch and make her someone who, despite herself, is likeable – especially since it’s a Hallmark film. I did my best to bring sincerity and playfulness to her scenes – she’s not quite in-on-the-jokes, loves mischief, and is devastated when things don’t go her way. What makes Brooke funny is that what may seem trivial to us as the viewers is a very serious ordeal to her.

I was spoiled because Brooke is a lavish gal, who spends her days in gorgeous locations, in beautiful clothes, and with glam, hair, and makeup.

On top of that this month you’re also in Super Channel’s romance My Boss’ Wedding. How do the roles differ?
My character, “Rebecca”, in My Boss’ Wedding was a blast. She’s the ex-trophy wife of the groom-to-be, Bradley, played by Landy Cannon. Rebecca is over-the-top enthusiastic and fun. I felt a little inspired by Paris Hilton’s persona and considered my daughter, “Samantha”, as my-little-Hilton.

These two girls are very different. “Rebecca’s” made up in her mind and is eternally proud of her perfect and gorgeous daughter, whereas “Brooke” started life at the top of the social ladder and is determined to keep climbing. “Brooke” is watching, scheming, and demanding.

Do you enjoy romantic comedy best?
I love rom-com but it’s actually not my favorite genre. I love making these films because they are fun, uplifting, simple, and bring joy. They’re a lot of fun to make too.

My favorite genres are period-piece-drama’s, thrillers, fantasy, and action. There’s less volume of these genres made in Canada, where I live, but as my career continues to grow and expand, I definitely want to act in, as well as produce, more of these other juicy projects!

Also upcoming, you are in Lifetime’s thriller Deadly Mom Retreat. The title alone sounds interesting. What can you tell us about it?
Marvista’s Deadly Mom Retreat is my first thriller! I was so excited, and it was a really fun change of pace. I play “Georgia” who, despite being a hot-yoga teacher, seems to stray from inner-peace and might just fight to keep what she views as hers (wink wink). No spoilers!

What have you been reading, listening to, and watching during quarantine?
[Laughs] I’ve been reading a lot of scripts. I’ve very fortunate to say that 2020 was probably my busiest year in the business and I’m trying to keep up the momentum. I have managed to sneak in a few murder-mystery novels lately.

I have been watching A LOT of television this year. My boyfriend, Kyle, and I have just binged all of The Walking Dead which we’re now obsessed with. That’s 10 seasons. I don’ think I’ve ever seen 10 seasons of anything before. We also watched a bunch of miniseries and movies, but I think 10 seasons of The Walking Dead has to be the winner hahaha it’s almost gluttonous! But I regret nothing.

I’m also eagerly waiting for the next season of The Boys, which actually shoots here in Toronto, and another trip to France via Emily in Paris.

You speak fluent English and French. One thing I have been trying to do during quarantine is learn some basic French. What are some important words I should know?
Wow, good for you! What an ambitious use of your time. When it’s safe to travel again you’ll have to reward yourself with a trip to Paris and get to use some of your Covid-French. You should probably be able to square up your tab for all that delicious French wine and cheese you’ll be eating: “L’addition, s’il vous plaît”