The Brothers Osborne On Keeping Busy Amid The Pandemic

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The Brothers Osborne are still learning how to slow down after a year without touring. TJ and John spoke about what life is like for them amid the pandemic without being able to tour.

Brothers Osborne On Life In The Pandemic

Now that they’ve had the most time off that they’ve had since becoming a band, they’re discovering other passions.

“We have to keep ourselves busy,” John admitted. “TJ and I grew up just working really hard, and we’re busy bodies. We’ve never been mandated to take some time off, so we just work all the time.”

“So, the very first thing we had to learn how to do was just slow it down a little bit,” he continued. Their first simple pleasures were daily chores. “Simply working around the house or yard work, those cathartic experiences that we don’t get a lot of because we’re always out on the road. The cool thing about it all is we’re only doing it when we want to do it. There’s no rush to do anything. There’s no time frame, there’s no deadline. It’s just waking up every day and going, ‘I feel like doing this today. This is what I want to do,’ and there’s something really nice about that.”

Although they can’t get on the road just yet, the brothers’ tune “All Night” from their record Skeleton is currently climbing the country charts.