Exclusive Q&A: Kira Kosarin says “goodbye & thank u”

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Kira Kosarin just released her latest single mere hours ago. The 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist recently signed to Republic Records after she found success with an independently released EP written during the pandemic. Now, after years of being known as an actress and signing with a major label, Kira Kosarin is saying “goodbye & thank u” to the past and welcoming in a new era. We got the absolute pleasure to talk to her on it all.

Kira on new single, “goodbye & thank u”: “I wanted to write an ode to the first home that I moved into on my own, because it felt like a main character in my life through my early 20s. Those walls saw me live through so many firsts, held me through so many ups and downs and watched so many people come and go,” she says. “When I found that outgrowing and saying goodbye to an apartment could feel as bittersweet, intense, poignant, and heartbreaking as any other breakup – I poured all that emotion into this song and I hope it carries people through bittersweet and grateful goodbyes of all kinds.”

Stage Right Secrets: Congratulations on signing with Republic Records! How have you felt you have grown as an artist since last year’s independent EP release, and the success of “First Love Never Lasts”?

Kira Kosarin: Thank you! I feel like I’ve gone through a lot of personal growth in the past couple years, a lot of ups and downs, and that’s all found it’s way into my artistry in one way or another. I’m really happy with the way people connected with FLNL – hearing it got someone through a breakup always feels really gratifying. It was my favorite track from the Songbird EP, and the song my a&r at Republic found me through, so it’s really special to me. 

SRS: What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

KK:I just hope they feel *something,* catharsis, nostalgia, melancholy, relief, joy. I just want them to leave a song knowing it’s there whenever they want to return to the particular feeling or memory it opens the door to. 

SRS: Can we expect an EP or LP on the horizon or more singles? Maybe all of the above?

KK: Yes! “Mood Ring” was the lead single of the EP coming out this summer. I’m super excited for everyone to hear. 

SRS: Is there a possibility to play this new music live on a tour?

KK: Nothing locked in yet but I’m definitely hoping to tour this EP.  

SRS: What instruments do you play?

KK: Mainly guitar – I grew up fingerpicking, playing a lot of James Taylor (my dad’s favorite artist and a mainstay in my house as a kid), which I think still influences my writing to this day. I play enough piano to write/accompany myself, but guitar is definitely my home. I played flute pretty seriously in middle school, but my flute doesn’t get taken off the shelf much anymore.

SRS: Do you have a biggest career goal in mind?

KK: Institutions like the Grammys, Saturday Night Live, and NPR Tiny desk would be amazing to be a part of, but really I just want to make music I love and see it connect with other people.


parachute, the 2nd single off my upcoming ep, out now 🥹🪂

♬ parachute – Kira Kosarin

SRS: Would you ever consider going on Broadway as your parents have a theatre background? 

KK: Definitely. Most of my training as a kid was in theater, so it’d be really fun to come back to that again. I’d also love to write a musical, in a decade or two. A lot of my music has a theater-like narrative and emotional heart to it, so I think it’d be a really fun and natural fit. 

SRS: Other than “mood ring” and “parachute”, what should be on our summer 2022 playlist?

KK: From me? “goodbye & thank u.” From my playlists? Cate’s Brother – Maisie Peters.