EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Issam Alnajjar

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18-year-old Jordanian pop phenomenon, Issam Alnajjar, recently released his debut album, Baree?. His single,”Hadal Ahbek” became a viral sensation with 3 billion sound views on TikTok. It has become the first Arabic song to be a viral #1 hit.We got to chat with the young megastar on it all.

What is the story behind your debut album, Baree?
Baree? in Arabic means innocent, and people saw me as a very innocent person in my hit song “Hadal Ahbek.” I just added the (?) in the title because people still don’t know me, and I just want everyone to to have their own opinion on who am I and what I am like.

What was it like working with megastar Danna Paola and Brazilian DJ/producer Alok?
The best experience in my career so far. I got to work with two of the biggest stars in the world and made them my friends.

Alok is an amazing DJ, the biggest in Latin America, and Danna is the biggest female Latin artist and was my favorite character from the show Elite. Shooting the music with her was so fun, and she was so humble with positive energy.

How does it feel to have the first Arabic song to explode worldwide as a viral #1 hit?
It’s an honor to me honestly because now I know that nothing is impossible. All you need to do is work hard. Putting my country on the map has always been my goal, and my dream is to make Arabic music global.

What do you wish people knew more about Jordan?
It’s actually fun if you have the right people around you, and it’s filled with historical sites. It’s not all deserts and camels as stereotyped.

Where are some hot spots in Jordan we should visit?
The Dead Sea, it’s the deepest point on earth, and the water is so salty which makes you float.

You are so young, what’s your five-year plan or dreams you have for your career?
I just want to continue making music and to tour the world hopefully one day. I want to make my parents proud.

What was life like in Jordan during the pandemic?
For me it was my golden ticket because I got to work on my hit song “Hadal Ahbek” and learned the guitar.

Will there be any opportunities to perform your new album live?
My tour is soon to be announced!