EXCLUSIVE: Prism B!tch Interview

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Stage Right Secrets sat down with Prism B!tch to talk about their latest record, Perla.

Congrats on your record! What did you do to celebrate its release?

Thanks! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to celebrate together in person, but Lauren livestreamed the vinyl from her living room and we were able to connect with people in that way.


What was the hardest song to create or record for you?

“Wasting Time” was a challenge as a group because it was the least fleshed out track off the record when we went into the studio. As individual players, we all had certain challenging moments throughout recording. We have a very interactive and collaborative relationship with our producer/engineer, Toshi Kasai, so he was giving/inspiring ideas for different parts along the way to make each song better. We wanted to rise to those challenges.


Do you each have a standout lyric?

“I’m on top of my game, I’ve known since first grade” – ‘On Top Of My Game’

“It’s hard to be in love, play cool at the same time” – ‘Starlight’

“Who’s medallion, who’s got the fire within” – ‘One Shot’

“Every time I make it right, you find a way whine” – ‘Heathers’

“I saw you but you didn’t say hi to me” – ‘Heathers’

We love that the songs on this album jump from mythical quests, to regular breakups, and everything in between. A song for every listener.

The album cover is eye-catching, how did you come up with the concept?

Teresa’s bedroom was too good to not photograph and Mateo (Lauren’s dog) is a star. The cover feels very nostalgic. We initially tried to photograph the balloons outside, but it was too windy. 


Cliche question, but how did you come up with the album title, Perla?

We were ruminating on possible titles, and almost as a joke we mentioned naming the album (and more albums) after each of our mothers. After staying with Teresa’s mom, Perla, in Sacramento, we had definitively decided to name the album after her based on our amazing experience staying with her, and all that our mothers do for our band. They are our biggest fans and we are theirs.


Walk us through the song and music video creative process behind “Starlight”?

Our newest release “Starlight” is a rock ballad. It’s a song about life and death, and being human. It was created collaboratively out of a band retreat jam. The video was DIY, directed and edited by our guitarist Chris, who conceptualized the video as well. We each play multiple characters in the video and we feature each member’s baby pictures and family members, which is a little hidden nugget showing our youthful selves. What we love about the video is that it’s serious and heartfelt, but still silly. It evokes laughter and tears.


Are you considering what these songs will look and sound like live post-pandemic?

We were blessed to be able to tour this album pre-release and pre-pandemic. We were about to release this album in 2020 and tour in support of it, when the pandemic started. We loved playing this album live, it helped shape our set and performance chops. We are curious to see how the pandemic will influence our new stuff.


Do you think the time in quarantine influenced your music at all?

Probably it will, but that influence won’t be seen on Perla, per say. Unless it shapes the perspective of the person hearing the album. We’re going to be going on a music retreat in April, and we’ll see what will transpire after being in the pandemic for over a year now. 

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