Exclusive Premiere: Thantophobe “Life So True”

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Thantophobe is the brainchild of Thomas Johnsen who first started writing and recording songs for this project while living in a halfway house in South Philadelphia in late 2016. He formed Thantophobe and recorded his first EP “Live From Friends Hospital”, self-released in March of 2017. Since then he has produced three music videos and released two singles for this project. He is currently working on a second EP of new songs he has written for release in 2019 and has formed the band, playing with Erik Scattareggia and Andrew Warren along with a rotating cast of musicians.

“I wrote the tracks for “Life So True”, the second EP for Thantophobe, over the course of a few days this winter. This process of recording and producing them was a little different then prior releases. The songs started out as demos I made on a 4-track tape machine. “Saints” and “Wood” were taken to Uniform Recording and Range Studios where we layered other instruments on top. For “Tie Me Down”, we ended up cutting live with bass and drums. “Kensington” was simply transferred right from the tape machine. It was my first time working with Engineers Jeff Zeigler and Eric Scattareggia which I really enjoyed and the presence of some of the demo tracks from the tape machine give it a vibe.

I thought it would be cool to try something new for this video process. I love Bob’s stuff, so we had him come in and do his thing and it turned out really nice with some really cool visuals. The old film look is cool, and our friend Alexandra Kay March added to the vibe as a subject other than just myself and the band.

Also, we will be playing a release show 5/31 at PhilaMoca. Tickets are on Ticketfly.”

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