Exclusive Premiere: Digital Daggers

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Digital Daggers is the brain-child and labour of love of multi-instrumentalist/producer Jason ‘Space’ Smith and singer-songwriter Andrea Wasse

Brought together in 2008 by their then publisher EMI, the duo started off writing pop songs to pitch for other artists, but quickly lost interest in that pursuit when they started collaborating on music that felt a little more left of centre and absolutely more personal to them.

It was then that Digital Daggers was born. In the 11 years they’ve been creating music together, they’ve released an EP (Human Emotions), two LPs (Close Your Eyes and Mixed Emotions), and a collection of songs under the title Lost Tracks & Remixes. Recently the pair have released a slew of singles and covers which will appear on an upcoming record. Their songs have found wonderful homes in the world of film and television, and have been featured on many ‘gloomy’ and supernatural shows from Revenge to Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. This has led to the gift of having fans across the world.

With their upcoming single Black Magic (release date May 10th), DD find themselves returning to the sentiment and sound that made their song The Devil Within such a hit with their fanbase- the universal theme of love gone wrong, with a supernatural twist.

“The song was inspired by a bad breakup, some tears, some candles, crystals, sage… a little fascination with the dark arts.Jason ‘Space’ Smith produced the track. In DD, the duo write the song together, Space creates the music, Andrea sings, then Space creates the final production. This song serves as a warning that every action has consequences. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. In this case, bad.”

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