Exclusive Premiere: “way wrong” dnny (feat. Xuitcasecity)

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Nashville pop singer, dnny, continues his triumphant leap into pop music with the release of a new single, “way wrong (feat. Xuitcasecity)”. dnny slows down the tempo a bit in this one, delivering a hip-hop and dance-infused, feel-good vibe to compliment the track’s passionate lyrics and his smooth vocals.

“This is my favorite record I’ve been a part of to date. The track discusses some real experience I’ve had in the past where you have that girl that you’re tight with and you feel like it might be going there, but then, on the other hand, you might just be wayyyy wrong about how you’re reading it. I feel like it really represents where I’m at as an artist and the fact that I have one of my role models, Xuitcasecity, on the track just makes it that much more special. I couldn’t be more excited for the world to hear this one and I’m blessed to have such an amazing team that has helped this all come together.”

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