Exclusive Premiere: Julian Daniel “Sidekick”

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In just under a year this 19-year-old Toronto musician has captivated the Toronto pop scene with his original take on pop music. Julian has self-released three vibrant breakout tracks which have earned him over thousands of Spotify streams. Born and raised in Toronto, Julian has a background in musical theatre, as well as vast experience on the local music scene. Julians time on the theatrical stage has paid off, as Julian has a natural command and confidence as a performer that makes him a charismatic focal point that can hold the attention of even the most jaded of audiences. With his growing fanbase and success with the music he has been working on for several years, Julian is set to release his debut EP later this year and tour North America. Julian Daniel is undoubtedly an artist of great potential and limitless possibilities.

“Sidekick was inspired by high school relationships and wishing that Julian had the chance to tell his crush how he felt. He just wants to go back in time and redo everything he didn’t do. When people are listening to this song I want them to be able to relate it to anything in there life that they wish they could go back and redo. This song is based off of a high school relationship but it could also relate to anyone who has ever regretted not doing something that they really wanted to do. We only live once so why not live in the moment!”

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