EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Aries Deng EP “Unexpected Encounters”

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For EDM fans this debut EP from promising newcomer Aries Deng is a surefire smash. The EP takes you on a melodic journey showcasing her craft in the technical aspect of production and bringing multiple genres into the electronic space. Hop inside a metaphorical SPACE AGE candy shop on a sonic adventure to a far away place where the stars align.


Aries graduated from the prestigious Berklee School of Music with a degree in electronic production & design and music production & engineering. Her musical background stems from technical and classical piano training as well as experience in DJing with old school traditional turntables, which together has helped craft her unique melodic sound.  Her instrumental music, rooted in future bass, captures her unique life experiences through the power of the melodies she creates. Aries draws inspiration from her passion of Anime and video games, but is mainly influenced from real life encounters that have significant impact on her. Aries is able to brilliantly translate those memorable interactions into rhythmic beats that convey her exact feelings at the time of the event.


Aries took us track by track through her EP:


1.Something Pretty From Afar

Within a change in perspective lies a new lens in which to look at the world. Capturing the feeling of seeing something from afar and appreciating it’s beauty.


2.I Met A Metaphorical Boy

I met a boy who I thought he wouldn’t existed. At first sight, he’s everything I dreamt of back in high school. I thought he’d only be in my dreams. After I got to know him, I found out that I hoped he’d be. He’s not the one for me. An unexpected encounter, a metaphorical boy after all.


3.Mirrored Lights

A trip to San Francisco, standing on top of Twin Peak. Looking down on reflections of the city lights. Soaking in all of the lights and sounds, you feel a moment that is breathtaking and inspiring. Appreciating everything moment by moment.


4.The Place Where Stars Align

Searching for answers on this journey. I’m trying to find myself again, and I know everything is going to fade away, just like the melodies we used to play.


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