Exclusive Premiere: Amy Wilcox’s “Jailbird”

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There is so much new music coming out this Friday from Marianas Trench to the Jonas Brothers reunion, to rumors of Miss Taylor Swift! Amy Wilcox also has a brand new song out tomorrow and was kind enough to let us have an exclusive first listen.

“Jailbird is one of my favorite songs off my EP, “West”. I wrote it with my producer Cass Dillon, and my good friend and fellow artist, Hailey Steele. It’s one of those songs that really gets people up and dancing, no matter type of venue we are in. The song is about the constant balance and struggle between throwing yourself wholeheartedly into your relationship, while also holding on to your independence and the pursuit of your dreams. I think this is a subject that we all can relate to, and it’s been a blast to watch people connect with this song live.”

Amy has opened up for megastars like Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, Blake Shelton and more. She also had a stint of A&E’s reality show Crazy Hearts. Her EP “West” is due out in the spring!