Exclusive: Our Talk with the Magnificent Malynda Hale

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Malynda Hale’s latest EP is coming out June 22! She has an insane tour coming up too. Yet, she still has time to be a spokesmodel, dream of returning to acting and of course, chatting with us!

Congratulations on your new EP! What do you hope listeners feel when they hear it?

Thank you so much! This EP is so special to me, and I couldn’t have made it happen without my incredible team. Each song has a huge piece of my heart attached to it. I hope that when people listen to it, they get a clear look into who I am as a person, what I stand for and what is important to me. Music has always been my chosen medium of expression, so I hope that my lyrics are able to touch and inspire a lot of people.

Tell us about your song “We Run”.

“We Run” was both the easiest and hardest song for me to write. Easy because it was such a personal song and I just wrote from my heart. And hard because the content is something I’ve never tackled before and it’s scary to think about putting my heart out to the world like that. I wrote the song a while back in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. I wanted to write a song that depicted my experience as a black woman in America. But I also wanted to shed light on a serious topic that people tend to misunderstand. I end almost all of my shows with that song and there’s never a dry eye in the house. I love the conversation it starts and the way it presents the issue to the audience in a different way.

We heard you started songwriting at 9. Do you remember what your first song was about?

I do! And it really doesn’t make any sense! I definitely was trying TOO hard to be artistic and poetic about love… Something I clearly hadn’t yet experienced but I have to say for nine years old it was pretty darn good!

You have an extensive tour lined up. What should audiences be expecting?

A whole lot of vulnerability! This is something I’ve struggled with in the past but I’ve learned that the more you authentically give of yourself and your heart on stage, the easier it is for that audience to connect with you. So I’m looking forward to sharing new songs, stories, laughs and a good time with old and new fans.

What’s your go to vegan meal when you’re on the road?

That’s a great question! My quick snacks are always protein bars, fruit, Terra veggie chips and a whole lot of water. But I think the fun thing about traveling and touring is actually having to FIND vegan options. Yelp reviews have become my best friend and it’s been fun to patronize vegan restaurants and cafes I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Portland and Palo Alto have been some of my favorite places to discover new places!

I’ve also been trying to go fully green in the makeup department and I immediately noticed a ton of products were only made for women with really pale complexions. You’re a spokesmodel for the incredible Valana Minerals. Why is that so important to you?

I was SO blessed to find Valana Minerals nearly five years ago and the partnership with them has been amazing. I discovered them by literally googling “vegan makeup for dark skin” and they were the first product that showed up! I ordered the sample pack and I fell in LOVE. So my husband (who helps on the management side of my career) reached out to them and the next thing I know I’m the face of their company. It’s incredibly important for products to have representation for different skin tones, ESPECIALLY in the cruelty free category. So finding them has been a dream come true. Being vegan is a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be happier to rep such a forward-thinking brand! Anyone interested should definitely visit www.valanaminerals.com and then use the code: MHonline for 10% off! The majority of bases and foundations are for women of color but their eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses look and feel great on everyone!

Can we expect more acting in your future? What would be your dream role?

I hope so! I haven’t put as much emphasis on it in the past few months because this EP has been my focus, but I absolutely LOVE acting. I love that TV and film incorporate so many different aspects of the arts. It’s always incredible to see how everything comes together to create a masterpiece.

My dream role would be a lead on a Shonda Rhimes series! I love the characters and storylines she creates, how diverse her casting is and how strong all of the women on her show are. My dream is also to have an ending montage song for one of her shows. But I also believe in due time, that I can have my cake and eat it too