EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Camylio Shares “Love And Hate” List

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Camylio just celebrated his 20th birthday with a bang, releasing a brand new single, “love and hate”.

The singer, songwriter, and producer got to chatting with us on what’s next for his career and naturally what foods he loves and hates!

Stage Right Secrets | What was the songwriting process for your single, “Love and Hate”?
Camylio | “love and hate” was written in one of my first zoom sessions this year with two AMAZING writers Moli and Dennis Neuer. The first hour or two was honestly just a conversation, sharing stories, talking about what was on our minds and what was going on in our lives. That’s really how most of my songwriting sessions go, it always starts by just venting about something real and you’d be surprised how quickly those stories can turn into songs and lyric ideas. We wrote the entire song in that one session and it really started from a genuine comment about what it’s like to have songs “ruined” for you because they remind you of an ex. From there it was really just piecing together stories to create something special.

Your latest track came out on your birthday. How did you celebrate this year? Can we expect more singles on the horizon or an EP?
Yeah, it was a lot of fun!! Honestly, I was wrapped up with promoting the release for a lot of the day but I went out to dinner with my family which was awesome. I’m a huge seafood guy so that’s always a great way to spend a birthday. After that, we just went back to the house and watched a movie which was nice in itself to spend some chill time with the fam. And yeah!! Absolutely, I’ll be putting out my second single called “sometimes” that you might recognize from Tik Tok really really soon! Beyond that, you’ll be hearing a ton of music from me starting with an EP in the fall that I really think will be a great introduction to who I am as an artist and as a person. All of the songs on that EP are really personal to me in some way. They tell pieces of a story that I think people are really going to resonate with.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
Whenever I write songs I’m hoping that they’ll connect with people. I want people to hear the songs and make connections to what they’re going through so that, if anything, they’ll have a moment of thinking “wow he understands what I’m feeling, and if he got through this I can too.” That’s what I do when I listen to other people’s music and it’s one of my main methods of coping with things.


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Are you open to playing some shows in the near future?
100%! I can’t wait to play live. Some of the songs I love the most personally are the songs I really started to love only after hearing them live. I think it’s special when you can create memories for people through playing shows and it’s one of the things I look forward to most in what’s to come. We’re already lining up some shows but I don’t think there’s anything official I can announce yet :).

What did you read, watch and listen to during the pandemic?
My biggest early pandemic memory was watching Outer Banks for sure. I’m a huge series guy, during the pandemic I watched all of Suits, Peaky Blinders, Riverdale, and a ton of other shows. Music-wise, I definitely revisited a lot of my favorite’s older stuff. I went back and listened through The Weeknd’s early albums, same with John Mayer. The biggest new pickup to most of my playlists was The Kid Laroi for sure. The pandemic was also how I got into Tik Tok both as a fan and as an artist so I found so many amazing artists and songs that way too!

In honor of Camylio’s “Love and Hate” release, we asked the artist a list of Love it or Hate it food questions.

SRS | Pineapple on Pizza: Love it or Hate It?
Camylio | LOVE. so underrated.
Licorice: Love it or Hate It?
Hate. I tried it once as a kid and that was enough for me to never want to try it again.
Sushi: Love it or Hate It?
Love. huge fan, some friends introduced me to sushi last fall back at school.
Cilantro: Love it or Hate It?
Love. My mom makes the best guac in the world with and uses a lot cilantro in general. I heard that it tastes like soap for some people which is a tragedy.
Beans: Love it or Hate It?
Love for sure. Growing up with a latin mom this one’s a given haha.
Peeps: Love it or Hate It?
Hate. They’re kinda too much for me, too much sugar, usually end up making my teeth hurt.
Mayonnaise: Love it or Hate It?
I’ve hated mayo my entire life until just recently when I tried it for the first time.