PREMIERE: Erin Kirby ‘Half In Love’

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Stage Right Secrets is thrilled to exclusively premiere Erin Kirby’s latest single “Half In Love.” The song itself is a captivating pop ballad that you’re sure to listen to on repeat.

Listen to the track, below.

Walk us through the creative process of “Half In Love.” 
I wrote this song with a few guys from Rhode Island! The day we wrote the song I flew in and we got to work! We started with some chords and then worked on the rest of the production. As we got to a good stopping point we came up with a concept and we started on lyrics!! We finished that song that day and then edited it the next day! After that, we recorded it and we were so excited!
Do you have a favorite or standout lyric?
“I can’t give my whole heart to you, when somebody has the other piece”
What has life been like for you while in quarantine?
Life during quarantine has been different but I have been trying my best to try new things while at home! I’ve added some new songs to my set, I have learned how to record from home, and my family and I got some chickens!!
Do you find it easier or harder to be creative?
I have found it harder to be creative during quarantine! Maybe it’s because I can’t get out and experience a lot of things or maybe it’s because I have seen the same few walls everyday! As time goes by it gets easier but it was definitely harder to start!
What did you do to pass the time?
As I said my family and I got a few chickens which is definitely entertaining! They each have their own personalities! I have baked a bunch of different things but I have also been trying to pick up new workouts!
What else can fans expect from you this year?
I have a few more singles to drop this year which I am extremely excited about! Hopefully soon I can start to tour or at least set one up for next year!!
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