EP Review: Guardrail

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While the crowd may be chanting “Guardrail sucks” and their merchandise includes t-shirts that say “World’s Okayest Band”, the Chicago-based punk band is much better than okay. Their debut EP, wordswords, combines the classic punk sounds you would hear on early Green Day albums with hometown vibes seen on any Real Friends track.

Each track begins and ends as if you’re seeing the band live, which you should at some point in time if you want my opinion. They brought their live show energy into the studio with them, which isn’t the case with most bands these days. With tracks like “I Got Another Girl Pregnant” and “Braindead”, you get a taste of what to expect from each member’s personalities and the banter that makes this band unique.  Stand out tracks on the EP include “Sincerely Me” with its Green Day vibes and harmonies as well as “Motel Room 25” which is just plain catchy and easy to jam along to.

This is just the beginning for Guardrail and with their laidback, fun-loving attitude of a first EP, it’s easy to see them gaining some recognition.

Check out their Facebook page, even if it’s just to read their hysterical  biography, and wordswords is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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