Emblem3’s Forever Together EP Review

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E3 Forever Together
Emblem3 appeared as a name on the music scene during the 2012 season of X Factor USA. Although they only came in fourth, the group went on to record an album, “Nothing Left to Lose” thanks to their on-show mentor Simon Cowell. The single from that album, “Chloe (You’re The One That I Want)” received made in onto Billboard charts in the U.S. and got some radio play. The group also earned a spot opening for starlet Selena Gomez on her “Stars Dance” tour.

While the trio as it was originally is down to two after Drew Chadwick left to pursue a solo career, brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg have continued to make music together as Emblem3. They independently released their most recent creation this week – the “Forever Together” EP.

The EP starts off with title track “Forever Together.” With this song, the group reaffirms their reggae-pop style that they displayed on the X Factor as well as their first album. It’s a soft and peaceful melody that brings to mind sunshine and palm trees swaying in a light breeze and features some pretty falsetto.

“Obsessed” comes next, a powerful ballad that sounds like a combination of songs that are found on their debut album. This one focuses on acoustics, and really stunning background vocals.

“Don’t Know Her Name” is my favorite from the EP. It’s a darker song, and again a ballad. This one shows off the harmonies that the brothers put together, as well as the story they can create. The song perfectly displays the emotion of the lyrics, the feelings of regret and loss and the brothers do well tapping into those same emotions vocally.

The next track is “Heavy,” stylistically reminiscent of “Sunset Boulevard” from their debut album. Lyrically, it’s much more than anything from their first album, and definitely makes it worth a listen.

“Love Will Be There” wraps up the EP. It somewhat laughably starts with (and features throughout the song) a rainstick, but is made up for with an impressive level of depth from the duo.

The EP is ballad-driven and not as happy as the Emblem3’s debut, however it shows that the brothers have substance and depth that wasn’t shown in that first album. It shows off their skill as vocalists and musicians, and any fan of “E3” should have no reason to say or think anything other than good things about the two with this release.