Drew Vision Debuts Powerful and Impactful Release “Stay”

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Multi-talented artist Drew Vision is a singer-songwriter, actor, and model. With his stellar music, he’s creating a unique sound that’s creating a buzz across the industry. 

The song was written by a writer and producer in London, by the name of Colleen Taylor and the code and they had the song and it was literally written maybe a year or two ago but it wasn’t finished,” explains Drew. “Then someone pitched it to me. I really felt the song and this is one of the first times that I’ve released a song that I didn’t already like or was a part of the writing process. It was different for me, but because I really believed in the song, I recorded it.” 

These past months Drew released his new piano ballad single “Stay” which is an amazing raw track full of emotion in which Drew decided to dedicate to the Black Lives Matter movement and made a moving video tribute to accompany it. Drew continues to be a force to be reckoned with and he truly is living in his purpose.

With the whole Black Lives Matter movement, I felt like it was time to release this song. The song is positive and it’s super beautiful. I hope it makes people feel good.” explains Drew.

After college Drew released his debut projects 20/20 and The Duldrums. Drew’s third album The Balance came out in 2016 and was worked on with the help of media executive Ron King, who Drew also hired to manage his career.

The Balance had led Drew to the Essence Music Festival, where he would take center stage and garner the attention of People Magazine. He gained so much attention from this event that he ended up going to Sweden to make a smash pop-infused hit in “Without You”. Drew directed the music video for “Without You” himself and it was such a brilliantly directed video.

Drew has definitely made a name for himself in the music scene having performed at famous venues in LA like The Troubadour, and The Roxy.

You can learn more about Drew by visiting his website