Country Newcomer Dan Reardon Releases Reimagined Single, Heaven

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Country riser Dan Reardon releases reimagined country version of the previous release, ‘Heaven,’ available on all digital platforms now. 

Listen to Heaven by Dan Reardon below!

Heaven is actually a re-cut of a song I wrote a long time ago about a girl that I was falling in love with. Living by the water at the time, I felt inspired to sit by the beach and write about deep feelings and emotions while looking out at the steady water. It was therapeutic at the time and although it was written from a personal perspective, I think it will relate to many listeners on their personal journeys of love and relationships,” tells Reardon. “I decided to re-cut the song as it was always well-received by close friends and family members at the time, and people praised the melodic hooks, lyrics and feel-good vibes. Although the song has since morphed, I think it’s better than ever and can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

As Reardon’s been traveling between Nashville and New York, he’s working on his upcoming releases with producer Jimmy Ritchey (Jake Owen, Sam Hunt, Mark Chesnut, Joe Nichols). The releases also includes performance credits from some monster A-list musicians such as Danny Rader (Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney), Shannon Forrest (Toto), Craig Young (Colbie Calliet), Charlie Judge and Sol Philcox.


From Long Island, NY, Dan Reardon found himself slipping country cover songs into his set while performing. The earthy and emotive sensibility of the songs’ lyrics appealed to him, the low-register singing suited Reardon’s range and playing this music fulfilled his lifelong passion for country. After visiting Music City consistently for 6 years, he found his impulses were spot on. He may reside in New York, but his heart is in Nashville.

You can connect more with Dan Reardon by visiting his website