Bea Miller Battles With Her Own Mind In New Visual For ‘this call is coming from inside the house’

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I knew it from the moment I heard “lonely b*tch,” but as the releases keep coming, Bea Miller keeps proving me right: leaving her label to find herself again was the best decision she’s made in her decade-long career.

The past Friday (April 28), the LA-based artist released her latest independent offering, this call is coming from inside the house,” via her label gauche records (ADA Worldwide).

The new single is a blistering pop-rock tune co-written with Cara Salimando (Allie X, Bülow, Dua Lipa, Hey Violet), and co-written/produced by Colin Brittain (Dashboard Confessional, Papa Roach, 5 Seconds of Summer). Miller’s powerful vocals are the star of this horror-inspired sonic treat. Her impressive pipes punch through the fiery production, as she narrates realizing a lurking, perceived threat is all in her head, singing, “the truth is I’m a danger to myself, this call is coming from inside the house”

When asked about the message of the song, Miller shared, “I’ve struggled with anxiety for all of my adult life. ‘this call is coming from inside the house’ is about the intense desire I feel to scream out for help each time I experience a panic attack, knowing that there’s nothing anyone can really do to help me. Sometimes my anxiety feels like a monster, something I want to run away from. But ultimately the monster is my own mind.”

Directed and produced by creative partner Gina Manning / GIZELLA, the video was shot in a creepy Victorian house, setting the ideal stage for their suspenseful story. The artist’s performance is the focal point, dressed in a delicate, lacy robe that beautifully juxtaposes her deteriorating surroundings, she expertly taps into her inner slasher film damsel in distress.

When asked about the concept behind the visual, producer / director Gina Manning explains, “In these visuals we were inspired by the idea and theme of rumination and being stuck in a pattern, the way our mind works in circles against us sometimes. It’s the look of anxiety, overthinking, self-doubt, repeating mistakes — the box we put our thoughts in. The moments before we can release that feel like we’ll never get out of.”

“this call is coming from inside the house” serves as the fourth installment of BEA MILLER’S CABINET, a twelve-part visual collection. The video follows successful singles “lonely b*tch” (January 13), “cynical” (February 15), and “jealous of my friends” (March 17) whose stunning visual companion pieces explored themes of Dissociation, Monotony, and Envy respectively.

Fans can watch all the vignettes and immerse themselves in BEA MILLER’S CABINET HERE.

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