Conrad Sewell Releases ‘All I Know’ EP

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Conrad Sewell is simply a gem yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. There’s a reason people always seem to latch onto foreign artists (Jessie J, Sam Smith, Rita Ora, Adele), there’s always a sense of true creativity and noncompliance to the norm. The value of his talent truly exceeds any monetary amount. If there is any musicians that he would be compared to, it would be a cross between Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. There is no surprise that with his vibrant music and creative lyrics he has already earned the attention of many thus leading him to release his ‘All I Know’ EP. This EP consists of 6 tracks full of emotion and raw description. His songwriting shines through just as much as his vocals. By listening to this EP the audience will not only discover the ability to relate with the lyrics but an array of emotions as well. Take a listen below to the preview’s of the first 3 tracks of ‘All I Know’.


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There’s much to be said about every single song from this EP. Every listen is a taste of fine dining, meaning Conrad made sure to look into every detail of each song and deliver at the top of the chain. It is visible that it’s HIM every step of the way and he is the mastermind behind his music. He is signed with 300 Entertainment which has Eric Bellinger under their belt along with Fetty Wap and Migos. Mr. Sewell is sure to become the next big artist to take over the radio with multiple songs as any of these tracks can be put out as a single (no fillers!). Have a listen to the rest of the EP’s preview’s below and make sure to grab a copy HERE! Also follow the singer/songwriter on social media and keep up with his latest video released on youtube HERE! (P.S. He released Music Videos for some of these tracks before the EP even released!) If you already knew about Conrad let us know how you discovered him and your favorite track of his!

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