“Confident” Demi Lovato Drops New Single

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It has been quite a week for music and it just keeps getting better. One of our favorites Demi Lovato has been in the news non-stop lately mostly because of her quick wit (Google Demi’s favorite dish) and everyone trying to figure out the meaning of her last song ‘Cool for The Summer”.

Well now we have another reason to keep Demi’s name on our lips, she just released her new single “Confident” off next album Confident and it’s perfect for the new era of Demi. Right now self-love anthems are all of the rage, but this one absolutely takes the cake. With a banging back-beat and some seriously fun lyrics. “Confident” easily will be stuck in your head all day begging for a fun night out with just you and your gals.

If you pre-order Demi’s new album on iTunes  you’ll get “Confident” along with it. The new album will be released on October 16th. But if you have Spotify you can listen to it right now.