Cole Swindell Surprises Fan!

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Cole Swindell surprised a lucky fan at a small show on Sunday night. The special moment was caught on video and shared on FaceBook and has over 25,000 views. The fan, decked out in a Dustin Lynch t-shirt, was brought onstage when Cole Swindell facetimed Dustin Lynch on his phone to talk to the fan. The young man was ecstatic and jumping for joy when seeing Lynch on the phone. Moments like this show that Swindell is a sweetheart and he says ‘I never thought I’d make it this far but getting a chance to do things like that are what make it worth it.’ Check out the sweet video below!

Last night I realized first hand how great Cole Swindell really is. There was a guy named Zachary in the crowd who has down syndrome. Zachary made his way to the front and Cole made it a point to go over and hug him, then after seeing his Dustin Lynch shirt, he promised that he could FaceTime Dustin at the end of the show. At the end of the show, as promised, He pulled out his phone and pulled Zachary on stage where his expression was nothing short of pure excitement and joy when he saw Dustin. Zachary got to see Dustin, and I got tears in my eyes.. and going down my face. Nothing can compare to that feeling of seeing someone who is on the verge of having it all doing something like this. This is why I buy tickets to his shows, this is why I love him. #ColeSwindell #YouShouldBeHereDillinger’s Americus

Posted by Courtney Rae Johnson on Monday, December 28, 2015