Coast Modern: 3 things we’re obsessed with

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Those snagging tickets to the latest run of the wildly brilliant band, The Wombats, will get introduced to California natives and the next band to put on repeat, Coast Modern. They made their Chicago and Metro debut all in one night to a sold out audience. After hearing them grace the airwaves of 101 WKQX, being a Queued Up artist and making their way across the country, it’s a show worth snapping and tweeting that has fans running to streaming sites for more.  Here are three reasons they’re bound to get stuck in your head.


  • Coast Modern is the equivalent of summer personified and swirled with talent. Effortless, beachy and all around sunshine, they are the soundtrack for the hashtag “vibes”. Nothing but fun, from the stage to the crowd who held on to every track and swayed along throughout their show, leaving onlookers excited to see what they had in store with every songs end.


  • It’s a hard fact to believe, but this was indeed their first time playing Chicago. When thinking about bands making their debut in a city, many are predisposed to think of dive bars and small crowds, but playing Metro as a first time is beyond impressive for fresh artists. It’s safe to say this is a group that has the official, four star Chicago seal of approval as they’ll be returning to Metro September 28, with The Temper Trap, making fall a little brighter.


  • The repeat factor. To leave a show with the chorus ringing and being looped in your head is a side effect most musicians hope to cause. Whether from “Hollow Life” or their latest single, “Guru”, Coast Modern is a stuck in your head, play on repeat and tell all your friends type of group. Trippy, breezy and consistently making “best of” playlists throughout the web, we can’t imagine what their debut full length will have in store.



Though a great summer full of new and modern music is almost over with the final bells of Lollapalooza approaching, we’ll have Coast Modern to look forward to in the fall to bring us back to a time of #vibes, #goals and effortless good times.

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