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Chris Lane is one of the newest up and coming country singers that we are obsessing over! His new single Fix is one you need to listen too.  Not only will you not be able to get it out of your head but you will find yourself putting it on repeat. We got the chance to talk with him about the making of his new EP and being part of Dustin Lynch’s upcoming tour.

JK: How did the opportunity with Big Loud Records come about?

CL: Well it really started, you know, I was playing a lot shows in North Carolina. I was booking my own shows and written my own music and recorded my own music and was really doing a little self done thing there in North Carolina. I started extending out to Florida and Georgia and South Carolina, you know outside of North Carolina playing shows and I guess really just through word of mouth a lot of people starting flying out wherever I was playing to watch me and had some decisions on the table to make and just decided in the end to go with Big Loud.

JK: Which song was the first to make your EP?

CL: Well, to be honest with you I recorded 5 or 6 songs that we ended up wiping out because this song Fix that’s going to be my single came along towards the tail end of that and uh really created a sound and a niche and yeah, as a young artist it’s exciting when you find that and it’s not easy to stand out amongst some of the other talented artists and really with this I just hope with this sound like the falsetto you know like I feel like that’s my thing that’s my niche and sound and hopefully it will help separate me from what other people were doing. But like I said once that song came along I recorded it and it just felt right and we felt like that is the direction that we should be going in and we wiped the rest of the songs out and started over.

Jk: So Fix is what really got the whole change of sound going?

CL: It sure was yep, and then all these other songs started falling in line right behind it.

JK: Did you write any of the songs on your EP this time around?

CL: Drinking Games was the one that I did write with Adam Sanders. That crowd, Matt Jenkins, you know guys who are having a lot of success right now, and uh I love that song a lot it’s actually one of the first songs that I had written when I first came to town. So that one is on my record or EP right now and yeah I don’t know where I was going with that.

JK: I’m always curious, how do you decide which songs are going to make the EP and which songs are on the brink of making it or not making it?

CL: Well, you know for me, I do spend a lot of time writing but I’m not one of these guys who has to write every single song on my record. So for me the approach was just best on when it was written or not and I wanted songs that made me want to move, and made me want to dance, and songs that just felt great, and you know when I was picking songs out I felt like the songs I did pick just embodied that

Jk: Do you have your moves ready for your tour coming up?

CL: I do I’m still working on them!

JK: Going back to your EP, How was it working with Joey as far as producing it?

CL: It was great. You know, I mean to have someone whose had the kind of success that he has had you know throughout his producing career. I’m very lucky to be able to work with somebody like that and he really pushed me til’ I couldn’t be pushed anymore. To make sure that I got that best vocals that I could possibly get on my end and you know he always crushes it with his instrumentation and his aspect of everything but it was kind of like having my dad in the room. My dad was always really hard on my brother and I to be the best that we could be and he always pushed us a lot like Joey did. So it kind of felt right at home in there.

JK: Ok, and after this EP and it gets released, can we expect a full length album eventually?

CL: Yeah absolutely. I mean I’m already to be honest with you working on songs that could eventually be on a full length record, but right now I guess I’m really mostly just concentrated on getting this EP out. I’ll be on the Dustin Lynch fall and winter tour that I’m very excited about. You know, just super pumped that he chose to take me out with him and this will be the first tour where I’ve been on where I actually have music out so I have a lot of great and exciting things coming up.

JK: My last question for you is, who are you going to call first when fix hits no.1? I have faith that this song is going to hit no.1 I just listened to it about five times in a row. So are you going to call first and celebrate with?

CL: I appreciate that! I guess my family is who I would probably call first because you know they’ve been there for me for the very beginning and even just through the support they gave me through the sports that I played my whole even until now my parents are my biggest supporters. so I think, you know, I would want to share in that with them first and you know sharing it with the Big Loud team here because everybody has put in so much hard work and yeah!


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