Check out Brighton-based singer, Salt Ashes!

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Veiga Sanchez aka Salt Ashes is an electronic pop singer from the UK who has rapidly won our hearts!

Although she may be new to us in the US, this energetic singer has been doing big things over the past few years.

In 2014, Salt Ashes won MTVU Freshmen and MTV’s IGGY’s Artist of the Week for her song “If You Let me Go“, in addition to that she continues to build her unique mix of dark synth-pop with her known song “Raided” which was named a Spotify fan favorite.

When we asked her when she first realized she had a passion for music she stated it was at a very young age, “I have videos of my dad filming me at the age of 3″…Once she turned 14, she knew she wanted to do this for a career.

Salt Ashes is the real deal, she plays piano, guitar, and writes her own music. She says Daft Punk and early Madonna serve as inspiration to her, and we can definitely see that through her funky upbeat songs!

She just recently released her first single “Save It” and is set to drop her debut album on July 15th!

To check out her music you can visit her website at SaltAshes.com


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