Broadway Plus Is Helping Actors During COVID

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Hopefully, everyone by now has watched Hamilton on Disney+. It is attempting to close that Broadway and live theater shaped hole in our hearts. While Broadway is closed until 2021, there are many ways to fill that void. Of course, live streams and recorded performances are great but what about interacting with your favorite Broadway star. This is where Broadway Plus comes in. Previously Broadway Plus offered some incredible VIP packages to Broadway goers like premium seating and backstage tours. Now that nearly everyone on Broadway is furloughed that is not possible. Quick thinking and seeing an emerging market, Broadway Plus owner Nathaniel Hill found an incredible way to save his business, provide some income for Broadway actors and create incredible personal experiences for fans. Now Broadway Plus offers virtual meet and greets, personal concerts, and acting/singing lessons. We had a quick chat with Broadway Plus owner, Nathaniel Hill on it all.

What is Broadway Plus?
NH: An online platform that allows fans to connect with top Broadway stars for meet-and-greets, lessons, audition coachings, and more. For 5 years, we’ve done this in-person (and often backstage!), and now we do it all virtually, too.

What was your inspiration?
NH: I noticed that VIP packages and experiences were prevalent in the concert and sports industries, but non-existent for Broadway. I wanted to break down the barriers and make it easier for people to connect with Broadway on a deeper level.

How has the business grown this year?
NH: It’s been insane – like a starting a new business on the back of the existing one. What’s so exciting is that previously we could only work with fans coming to New York and able to spend “VIP” prices. Now, we can work with fans anywhere in the world at a much lower price point. It’s opened a lot of doors and it’s very rewarding, and it allows us to work with a lot more artists and help them through a challenging year.

What do you think the future of live theatre will look like?
NH: I think it’s extremely bright. Broadway fandom is the strongest it’s ever been, and today’s fans are tomorrow’s groundbreaking creatives. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

What’s next for you and Broadway Plus?
NH: We’ll continue to work hard and invest in order to grow our fan base and artist roster. We’re launching new artists, experiences, and ways to connect on a regular basis. Personally, I can’t wait to get back in my office with my amazing team. We’ll be building a space that our artists can drop-in to whenever they need a place to hang.

Do you have a favorite show/Broadway actor?
NH: You know it’s funny, no one ever asks me that! I’d have to say Hairspray and its original Broadway cast, that is the show that inspired me to get into the business when I was a teenager. I was ecstatic when we started working with Kerry Butler a few months ago. Marissa, if you’re reading this, call me!

Be sure to check out Broadway Plus on their site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.