Book Review: Binge By Tyler Oakley

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If you’re asking yourself, “Who is Tyler Oakley,” go search that name on YouTube and then tell me that you didn’t spend hours, or even days, watching his videos. You might even realize you’ve recently seen his face on a billboard. Tyler Oakley has become one of the most successful “YouTubers” on the Internet, netting 7,706,368 subscribers on his channel and 4.72 million followers on his Twitter. He has created “#TeamInternet” in his 8 years on YouTube and has won Teen Choice Awards, Streamys, and the hearts of many teenage girls.

The 26 year old gives you a major glimpse into his life through his YouTube, but decided to tell all in his autobiography, Binge (which is now a New York Times Best Seller, after being out for a week, #2!). As a twenty two year old postgrad, having a source like this to help me navigate the world after schooling is just what the doctor ordered. Tyler tells us tales of woe and triumph, and how he made his way to being crowned “The King of the Internet” (which we learn is not all rainbows and unicorns). I think one of the things I like most about this book is the amazing balance between humor and inspiration. For those that have never experienced Tyler Oakley, he is hysterical. He has a very sarcastic presence in his videos and is cracking jokes left and right, so humor was definitely expected when recounting his tales, like when he hit a blackout rage in a Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, as stated above, the road to success is not always paved with sunshine and Oakley has had his fair share of heartbreak, professional and romantic, when on this journey. He is not afraid to say it like it is and share those moments that may not be so funny. However, many of the downfalls he has experienced are extremely relatable and serve as inspiration.

Many of his fans think they really know Tyler, seeing as they watch his videos weekly. Even so, as he tells us, he has two sides, and this book serves as a window to the Tyler that his viewers don’t see weekly. Reading this book, I laughed (a lot!), got chills, and was near tears. This book caused me to do something I haven’t done in quite a while; binge read (pun intended). The night I got it, I read more than half of it and didn’t want to go to bed. I could go on for much longer about how unexpectedly brilliant of a write Oakley is, or how inspirational every story is, even those about “What Michelle Obama Smells Like,” but I won’t. I’ll let you go out and grab your own copy of Binge and indulge yourself in a book that tells one of the most inspirational tales I’ve ever read.


Author’s Note: Although this book comes highly recommended, some of the stories told are a little more mature, so I would take that into consideration when purchasing this for young adults. 

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