Blackbear Releases “Drink Bleach” EP – Listen Now!

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Blackbear always has personal perspective and feelings expressed on his music. “Sex” was completely different than “Deadroses” and we can’t really complain. Just like those two projects were different, this release is no exception. It’s clear he doesn’t put out music to become a mainstream artist but rather puts his vision and if people like it then they do. Every project he releases allows you into his personal struggle and life. There’s an array of emotions expressed through his music. Blackbear consistently releases projects and keeps the attention of people through his sound, features and what he has to say.

Drink Bleach is compiled of 5 tracks –

1. something real

2. girls like u

3. suckerz

4. shake ya ass ft. p-lo

5. obvious ft. Mike Posner

There’s a song for every mood, it’s interesting to see how he creates music from situations. Anyone can relate to some part of the EP, seeing that he is just describing life through his personal experiences. Overall the EP doesn’t disappoint and we have a feeling these tracks are just to satisfy our music cravings while he releases a bigger project. This year should bring even bigger and better things for Blackbear and we can’t wait to see!

Let us know what your favorite song from Drink Bleach is!