Big Sean & Pharrell Drop “What A Year”

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Over the past few years these two artists have remained on top of the charts and have collaborated with huge names in the industry. Now they have come together to deliver a collaboration! If you pay close attention although it sounds radio-friendly it also sounds free from any genre because of Pharrell‘s musical input. Both of these artists can stand on their own and together, they create a sound that is laid back with a truthful appeal. If there is an artist that would hop on this track it would definitely be Drake. The entire song is right up his alley!
It’s cool to see these two collaborate because in their separate projects they both stand for the new generation of music. Just take Pharrell‘s “Freedom” which was heavily RnB and Hip Hip influenced and yet appealed to any age range. Same can be said for Big Sean‘s “One Man Can Change The World” featuring Kanye West and the oh so popular single “I Don’t F*ck With You”. Although both of Mr. Sean’s tracks are completely different from one another, he was able to reach multitudes of people with both songs.
What A Year” really goes into the struggle and the dreams that Big Sean faces through his stardom. He projects as a humble and smart man through lyrics like
“You starting up a new whip? I’m starting up a charity
  While you got new chains, my family out of debt *****
  Yeah, respect lasts longer than a check”
The audience really has to pay attention to his lyrics for there are always life lessons in his songs. Same with Pharrell, there is always a meaning or a feeling he is trying to convey through his music. He takes on the hook for this song and puts visuals and perspective on life for a brighter future.
This really is a song that will capture the attention of the fans but specially up and coming musicians as there is a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from listening to this track.
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