Beth Ditto’s Debut Album To Be Released June 16

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We finally have a date for Beth Ditto’s first solo album! The former Gossip lead singer’s album, titled Fake Sugar will be released June 16.  That means in only 74 days we can be jamming out…not that we’re counting or anything. Her first single “Fire” was released today on the iconic BBC Radio 1 and dare we say, it is pure FIRE!

Starting tomorrow, you can pre-order the album and immediately receive “Fire”. On June 16, you can get all twelve songs below.

Beth Ditto- Fake Sugar
1. “Fire”
2. “In And Out”
3. “Fake Sugar”
4. “Savoire Faire”
5. “We Could Run”
6. “Oo La La”
7. “Go Baby Go”
8. “Oh My God”
9. “Love In Real Life”
10. “Do You Want Me To”
11. “Lover”
12. “Clouds”