Behind the scenes with The Lumineers!

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It’s just over a week until The Lumineers new album drops (April 8th is the release date), and if you’re as excited as we are for it that’s not nearly soon enough! Thankfully, the band seems to understand our pain in having to wait, seeing as they’ve released their second song from the album. They’ve now dropped Ophelia and the title track, Cleopatra so far, and both are exactly what you’d expect from them (aka musical greatness). If you can’t get enough of the songs like us and can’t wait for more, here’s a little teaser for you the band just released on their YouTube channel. It’s a behind the scenes look at the trio making their new album (there’s actually one for both Cleopatra and Ophelia, so we included both for you, just because).

Did we mention we’re excited yet? Because we really are. Check out the videos (and songs) below!