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Bear Hands Drop Third Studio Album!

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This talented post punk/ indie rock band known as the Bear Hands have dropped their third studio album, “You’ll Pay for This”.  The album was recorded in New York and co-produced by guitarist Ted Feldman, Bear Hands collaborator James Brown, and mixed by Alan Moulder.

This album is nothing but electric! You can pretty much dance to any song on this album, or find yourself nodding your head to it.

The album has a variety of different songs that range from being extremely upbeat, to some that are more a bit more mellow but filled with energy.

The album kicks off with the song “I Won’t Pay” which has its fair share of guitar riffs throughout the song getting us really excited for what else is to come.

“Like Me Like That” is one song in particular that seems to truly stand out. Lyrics “emotional reck, I told you I care, I think you like me like that” are very relatable lyrics and the echoes throughout the song along with the guitar melody really adds to the richness of the song.

“2 AM” is another one of my favorites. It is easily one of those songs where you only have to listen to it twice in order to memorize all the lyrics to it. Additionally, the lyrics are once again very relatable “nothing good happens past 2 AM”, the lyrics are extremely accurate and the instrumentals to this song are brilliant. I’d say this song overall serves as an anthem to all of us who are currently trying to get through college, and use the weekends to go out and “party”.

These songs are just a few of many. This album is even edgier then the past two albums, and it is evident that Bear Hands have grown to be more confident in their sound. This twelve song album is set to be a success!

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