Bea Miller Lets Herself Come Undone In New “Yes Girl” Video

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There’s only so powerful a music video can get, but The X Factor alumni Bea Miller seems to have just raised the bar even higher with her brand new video “Yes Girl”.

First single off of her forthcoming sophomore album, “Yes Girl” had already been described by Miller as more somber, addressing the struggle of unhealthy relationships. In the music video, this darker side is perfectly depicted. Starting with a close-up of Miller’s face, the video soon shows the young woman alone in a blank room, wearing a cable-knit sweater that begins to unravel as hands pull on its strings.


“‘Yes Girl’ is about having a relationship with anybody who is incredibly controlling,” Bea said in a press release. “It’s about overcoming that and realizing you don’t need them in your life anymore. […] The strings are representative of people in my life who need things from me constantly, who make me feel like I’m tied down to [them] in a literal sense. The video visually brings that feeling and struggle to life.”

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