Audiotistic Day 2

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Audiotistic day two started out with so much energy from the crowds excitement from the nigh before. Day two had performances by Jauz, K?D, Drezo, Noizu, Skepsis, Moore Kismet,Level Up, Yula, Rossy, Claptone, Meduza, Walker & Royce, Dombresky, Eli Brown, Dillon Nathaniel, Nostalgix, and Kamino. The two day festival overall was a great showcase of EDM acts, from classic acts everyone loves, to some newer acts, a lot of local artists, and a great showcase of female artists as well. Throughout the night you could tell fans were having an amazing time being able to see some of their favorite acts in a festival setting. Although Shoreline in November is quit cold everyone was dancing and having a fun time.