Ariana Grande Drops Music Video for New Single “Focus”

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Ariana Grande is back with a bang (bang) and you WILL not be disappointed! Her new single “Focus” was just released along with a brand new video for your Ariana viewing pleasure. After a very long countdown, the singer surprised fans when she released the new single an hour early immediately sending the internet into a frenzy.

The video features anything an Ariana fan could want including cute outfits, suggestive dancing, seriously high heels, and up close and personal shots of the singer. The vocals are just about as amazing as we’ve come to expect from the Scream Queens star. It’s still difficult to understand how such power and vocal strength can come out of this girl. Not to mention she’s sporting white hair which we only wish we could pull off and still look fabulous.

“Focus” is available for purchase on iTunes and is the first single off of Ariana’s third studio album Moonlight set to be released early 2016!

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