Arcade Fire’s HORROR Flick

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The band Arcade Fire decided to release a little bit of Halloween fun last Friday with a video that they made during the bands 2011 Suburbs tour.  In this 24 minute low budget film the band takes us through a journey of an Arcade Fire member drinking a bottle of wine that happens to be haunted by Jim Morrison.  While the fear of the “27 Club” runs through member Will Butler’s head, as he celebrates his 27th birthday in the film, he starts to go crazy and notice that someone is killing Arcade Fire members off one by one.  It has all the classic horror movie scenes including being stabbed in the shower, creepy twins that sing in unison, and spooky advice from Slash and ZZ Top!  The video is actually pretty fun and it’s cool to see how these guys spent some time while they were on tour.  I for one would like to see more bands do videos like this and getting everyone on tour involved. Check out the video for one last Halloween Hurrah!