Alyson Stoner Welcomes You To The Jungle In “Back To Church” Music Video

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Almost forgot how well Alyson Stoner good sing and dance?

Well, here’s a reminder!

The 22-year-old just released the music video for her new single, “Back To Church,” in which she is shown dancing with a crew. The song was co-written by Stoner and Brock Baker and produced by Rob Grimaldi.

Alyson took to Youtube to thank her cast, crew, and director.

“Special thank you to the cast, crew, and director Sherif for bringing this vision to life. The video is literally all of your authentic and unique artistries creating a raw and honest concrete jungle. All love and respect.”

Alyson Stoner is one of Macy’s Rising Star Contest Top 25! You can vote for her 50 times a day HERE!

Get “Back To Church” on iTunes HERE and stream it on Spotify HERE!

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