Ally’s Top 5 SYTYCD Tour Moments

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  1. The Tech: The SYTYCD Tour is a combination of dance, theatre, and film, three things I have a lot of experience in. The show makes use of live performance in combination with multi-media presentation of video clips of behind-the-scenes moments and extra bits. As someone who has been a stage manager of a similar type show, I know the difficulties of putting on a show of such caliber, and the SYTYCD people did it flawlessly. Props to them.
  1. The Audience: I had a lot of fun meeting a ton of aspiring young dancers in attendance the night I went to the tour. All of them had amazing stories of their own and they were all amazing young men and women.
  1. Get Low: One of my favorite moments from Season 11 was Emilio and Jasmine performing a hip hop number to Dillon Francis’s “Get Low.” That number was performed (with Tanisha taking Jasmine’s place), much to the audience’s and my delight during the live performance.
  1. TANISHA: That girl must be wonder woman because she danced in pretty much every number. She was on stage all the time. No complaints though because she is fierce. From ballroom to contemporary to hip hop to jazz, she can do it all.
  1. The Talent: In general, all of the dancers on the tour are incredibly talented. The tour allows the audience to experience a wide range of dance styles and numbers, from brand new tour exclusives to Season 11 favorites. Each dancer brought their own unique style and touch to every number, making this tour like no other.