Album Review: “Phantoms” from Marianas Trench

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Marianas Trench has a brand new album out today that we got the incredible opportunity to listen to.

But first a little background…

Hometown: Vancouver

Members: Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, Ian Casselman

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Phantoms tracklist:

1. Eleanora

2. Only The Lonely Survive

3. Echoes of You (Feat. Roger Joseph Manning Jr.)

4.  Don’t Miss Me?

5. Wish You Were Here

6. Your Ghost

7. Glimmer

8. I Know You When

9. The Death of Me

10. The Killing Kind

Review: Phantoms is quintessential Marianas Trench. It follows in the footsteps of their past releases having a loose concept connecting all the songs. The album opens up with soft “Eleanora” then goes into “Only The Lonely Survive” which we already want to hear on the radio and scream sing with the windows down. Hauntingly fun, track three features Roger Joseph Manning Jr., the sole collaboration on the album. We love it and need them to do more together. “Don’t Miss Me?” is track four and simply yes, we have missed Marianas Trench since their last release in 2015. “I’m just a drink away from honesty, so who knows what’s true” sings Josh and honestly who can’t relate. “Wish You Were Here” hits us at the mid way point and is one of those songs you immediately need to hear live with it’s super catchy chorus. “Your Ghost” has an 80s vibe (similar to their Astoria album) that makes us want to dance! Eighth track “Glimmer” is a sparkling (we had to) mid tempo song. “I Knew You When” picks up the tempo again and shows what a damn great voice Josh has. Mr. Ramsay can sing the phone book for us any time. “The Death of Me” has a taste of EDM in the chorus and the album closes with “The Killing Kind” a total Marianas Trench song that already makes us want more.

Marianas Trench on are tour to support “Phantoms”, see them in a town near you.