A decade later, Alyson Stoner still dances to Missy Elliott, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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She may be 21 now, and she may be a lot more famous now than she was then, but Alyson Stoner (Cheaper By The Dozen, Camp Rock, Step Up) hasn’t forgotten who gave her her big break when she was just 10 years old.

Indeed, a decade ago, way before Sia had a Maddie Ziegler, Missy Elliott had a Alyson Stoner. Throughout the early 2000s, Alyson appeared in not only one or two, but three of Missy Elliott’s music videos: “Work It”, “Gossip Folks” & “I’m Really Hot.” And when Alyson wasn’t dancing for Missy, she was dancing with her during live performances.

So of course, we were all bummed when Missy Elliott surprised everyone at the SuperBowl Halftime Show earlier this year and Alyson wasn’t by her side.

But to make it up to all the people who texted and tweeted her asking where she was (and there were A LOT), Alyson decided to do something huge: reunite the dancers of the original Missy videos for one massive tribute to a “Work It”/”Gossip Folks”/”I’m Really Hot” Mashup.

Shot in downtown Los Angeles and directed by Tim Milgram, the video features the original choreography plus some new moves by Beat Freaks dancer/choreographer Lindsey B. Check out the video and full credits below!

Choreography by:
HiHat , Cicely & Olisa, Alyson Stoner, Jessica “JJ” Rabone, Jasmine Rafael, Lindsey B. // Beat Freaks

Alyson Stoner, Kenya Clay as “Missy”, Tati McQuay as “Little Alyson”, Monica Anne Parales
Little Squad:
Ruby Turner, Nadia Turner, Ryan “Popo” Bucu, Aiden Lewandowski, Daniel “Lil Man”
Big Squad:
Tony Tzar, Jessica “JJ” Rabone , Jian Pierre-Louis, Anthony “Kanec” Carr, Lindsay Taylor, Jasmine Rafael, BJ Paulin, Randi Fleckenstine, Pete Styles, Selasi Dogbatse, She Street, Brent Boxberger
Jerry “Flo Master” Randolph, Keeley “LockN’ Key”, Maryss from Paris, Bradley “Shooz” Rapier, Bboy JD “Twixx” Rainey, Bboy “Flexx” Fernandez

1st AD: Don Martinez
1st AC: Simi McManus

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