10 years old already?! A playlist for reminiscing, PART ONE.

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It might be February, but it’s still weird to me that it’s 2015, that 2005 was 10 years ago. Cartel is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Chroma this year, and that blows my mind! How is Honestly 10 years old already?
That got me thinking, though, what other songs turn 10 this year? I did some research and behold, some of the best songs, ones that launched today’s top pop-punk, alternative, and rock bands onto the scene, were released in 2005! Who knew? I put together the best of these for this playlist, you’ll recognize the songs and artists, and maybe be as surprised as me to the fact that it’s been 10 years since they were first released.
I’ve got two other throwback-to-10-years-ago playlist on the way (pop and R&B/hip-hop) but you’re going to have to wait for the next #throwbackthursday or two for those. Until then, enjoy!

Also, I know that there’s got to be a few gems that I missed. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook what those are, and I’ll add them to this playlist!