5SOS Music Video Reactions In Gif Form

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In case you haven’t been on Twitter today, 5sos is trending globally with their new music video for She’s Kind Of Hot. I myself don’t know anything about them besides that they are Australian and made “She Looks So Perfect” and “Good Girls”. So who else better to give their reactions about the video? (Probably a 5sos fan but I figure this would be funnier.) I grabbed a Tumblr chart to explain who’s who in the band and clicked play.


First of all, the song title- why can’t she just be “hot” not just kind of? Step up your flirting boys!

Why is there a person playing a video game that is not in the band? WHO ARE YOU WITH THE TALL HAIR?


Did anyone notice the cool cat laser beam poster in the back? I want it, 5sos hook it up.
Okay so they are on and in a house with a cartoon cat walking, casual.
Okay so two of the guys sing, good to know.
Hey Michael, nice whistling skills I wish I could do that!

Their performing facials are muy bueno and satisfactory for the pop punk scene. Especially Ashton, whip your hair!
Wait what is Michael doing with his tongue at 1:46?
Okay so all four of them can sing/talk. Talent.
Cute video, I like the parade float.


They’re pretty.

VERDICT: I will be listening to their album now and maybe turn into a fan. Bravo Aussies; bravo.

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