5 Bands You’d Be Mad To Miss At Camden Rocks

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Heading to Camden Rocks? Whether you’re actually going or it’s all just a distant dream, these are the bands you’ll need to be checking out…


If you already thought Zoax were a bit of alright, now’s the time to elevate that status thanks to their debut full-length which dropped just a few weeks ago. Asserting themselves as future firm favourites on the festival circuit, the band – who rose from the ashes of other metal outfits in 2013 – are injecting their own personal dose of heaviness into an (at times) stagnated pool of talent. Whilst still rocking out, these lads have achieved their aims of bringing just that little bit more to the forefront and it’ll be an exciting ride all round this weekend.

Young Guns

Hot off the heels of stellar performances at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, these firm Brit favourites more than deserve a place in the nation’s rock hall of fame. As a band that have been knocking around for several years now on the ‘scene’, we’ve watched them rise from strength to strength. Not had a chance to catch them live before? Now’s your time – you won’t regret it.


They’re hardly new, but since the four piece are celebrating their 20th anniversary, you’d be forgiven if they’d slipped off your radar in recent years. That isn’t to say they’ve lost their touch; nope, not in the slightest. Checking out their alt-fuelled set at Camden Rocks will be sure to remind you just how much you loved your old favorites, and to be pleasantly surprised at what else they’ve got in store.

As Lions

Whilst reducing this lot to simply the protégé of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson could be easily done (given that they’re fronted by one of his sons); to do so would be somewhat cliché and reductive. Three of the London five-piece first made their mark in Rise To Remain, but As Lions have done enough to make a name off their own merits. After several successful tours, a few new tracks received to critical acclaim, and even a lockout at last year’s Camden Rocks Festival, the guys are back to prove whether or not they’ve still got it. They may well be taking their sweet time with their debut album, but this gives you plenty of time to see what all the fuss is about.


Creeper round off our deliciously British list quite nicely; bringing their own special brand of ‘horror punk’ to the table (or in this case, the stage). The Southampton six-piece have done quite nicely for themselves since bursting out in the open in 2014, playing alongside some of the country’s most well-known exports and those from beyond. This lot bring an exciting, refreshing take to one of the genres the UK has always done best, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves for Camden Rocks!