24 Louis Tomlinson Lyrics We Can’t Stop Singing

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It’s been a week since One Direction’s hiatus began and like every other fan, the majority of this staff has not taken it well. In honor of Louis Tomlinson’s 24th birthday, we’ve complied a list (in no particular order) of Louis’ best lyrics.

  1. “Cause the truth is out, I realize that without you here life is just a lie/This is not the end/This is not the end/We can make it, you know it, you know” – History
  2. “I wanna reach out for you, I wanna break these walls, I speak a different language but I still hear you call” – Diana
  3. “The end of the night/We should say goodbye/But we carry on/While everyone’s gone” – Change My Mind
  4. “Tell me with your mind, body and spirit/I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British/Whether we’re together or apart/We can both remove the masks/And admit we regret it from the start” – Over Again
  5. “If I didn’t have you there would be nothing left/The shell of a man who could never be his best/If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun/You taught me how to be someone, yeah” – Drag Me Down
  6. “Feels like I’m constantly playing/A game that I’m destined to lose/Cause I can’t compete with your boyfriend/He’s got 27 tattoos” – I Would
  7. “Think of how much love that’s been wasted, People always trying to escape it, move on to stop their heart breaking. But there’s nothing I’m running from, you make me strong” – Strong
  8. “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea/And maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep/And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep/Though it makes no sense to me” – Little Things
  9. “Lips so good I forget my name/I swear I could give you everything” – Never Enough
  10. “Oooh, everything I need I get from you/Oooh, givin’ back is all I wanna do” – I Want To Write You A Song
  11. “And then I see you on the street/In his arms, I get weak/My body fails, I’m on my knees/Praying” – More Than This
  12. I used to think that I was better alone/Why did I ever wanna let you go/Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea/The words you whispered I will always believe” – Rock Me
  13. “I might never be your knight in shining armor/I might never be the one you take home to mother/And I might never be the one who brings you flowers/But I can be the one, be the one tonight” – Perfect
  14. “Better than words/You drive me crazy/Someone like you/Always be my baby” – Better Than Words
  15. “Something’s gotta give now/Cause I’m dying just to know your name/And I need you here with me now/Cause you’ve got that one thing” – One Thing
  16. “And I’ll be gone, gone tonight/The fire beneath my feet is burning bright/The way that I been holding on so tight/With nothing in between” – Story of My Life
  17. “I think I’m gonna win this time/Riding on the wind and I won’t give up/I think I’m gonna win this time/I roll and I roll, ’til I change my luck, yeah/I roll and I roll, ’til I change my luck” – Fireproof
  18. “Lights go down, and the night is calling to me, yeah/I hear voices singing songs in the street” – Right Now
  19. “We got to live before we get older/Do what we like/We got nothing to lose/Shake off the weight of the world from your shoulders/Oh, we got nothing to prove” – Alive
  20. “Hands are silent/Voice is numb/Try to scream out my lungs/It makes this harder/And the tears stream down my face” – Moments
  21. “Chasing it tonight/Doubts are running ’round her head/He’s waiting, hides behind a cigarette/Heart is beating loud, and she doesn’t want it to stop” – Night Changes
  22. “I see what it’s like/I see what it’s like for day and night/Never together/Cause they see things in a different light/Like us/They never tried like us” – You & I
  23. “One more taste of your lips just to bring me back/To the places we’ve been and the nights we’ve had/Because if this is it then at least we could end it right” – Love You Goodbye
  24. “Powerless/And I don’t care it’s obvious/I just can’t get enough of you/The pedal’s down, my eyes are closed/No control” – No Control

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