YouTuber Spotlight: Tori Brunet

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The first featured YouTube cover artist, Tori Brunet, happens to be one of my personal favorites. Brunet grew up in Arlington Heights, a northwest suburb of Chicago, and began her musical career at the age of 16.  When asked how she discovered her passion for music, Brunet stated, “I’ve always had the biggest passion for music or sound in general; whether it be recorder, piano, trumpet or guitar I’ve always filled my time exploring the musical world.” Although she has tried many things in order to become a well-rounded person, Brunet has always found her way back to singing, “I think I was singing before I could talk.” Brunet decided in the Spring of 2011 to take to YouTube to feature her covers of songs like ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.

Like most teenagers, Brunet spent time on YouTube watching other talented singers, not sure if she could see herself among these artists, [Brunet said] “I wasn’t really sure if I was any good or not, I just knew that I loved doing this more than anything.”  One day she picked up a guitar and started singing and found the courage to finally post a video on YouTube, “I decided to go ahead and post a few videos just for the fun of it and see what kind of feedback I would get.” Luckily, Brunet has gotten very positive feedback and is thankful for that, “I love each and every one of my viewers. They are the ones who give me hope and faith that this talent I have been blessed with should be shared.”

In 2012 Brunet released a cover of the song ‘Without You’ by Lana Del Rey, one of her favorite artists and inspirations; “I am in love with Lana Del Rey, I love her story and her musical style is very similar to mine.” To any Lana Del Rey fan, it is quite easy to see the similarities between these two artists. A couple more inspirations to Brunet would include, but not limited to, Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. It is easy to hear the influence of these inspirations in Brunet’s voice while she sings; a very unique talent.

Although for the past three years YouTube covers have been Brunet’s “thing”, she plans to release some original music within the next year in hopes of her talent being discovered by a new audience than that she has gained over the last few years. The main reason I believe Brunet is worth looking up is because she sees music in a way that most people don’t. A lot of people are in it to be discovered and become famous. Brunet on the other hand, when asked what she would do if discovered through YouTube, responded, “I believe in the power that music has. My number one goal, whether I make it in the industry or not, is to recognize that I am alive on this earth to use my gift of music to spread peace and love. I want to inspire people or motivate them or just be that one sound that they needed to hear. I want to touch the hearts of people and help them realize that life is beautiful even when it’s dark and that they are loved and alive with a purpose of their own.” Brunet is a strong, beautiful singer and is definitely worth checking out. There will be big things to come from this (almost) 20 year old. Get on YouTube and check her out at “”.