Will von Bolton on Loophole to Happiness and R5

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Will von Bolton took eight years of observing human behavior as a tour photographer into a book on philosophy. Pre-orders are available now HERE. We were so intrigued couldn’t wait and went straight to the source to find out more.

SRS: Tell us about Loophole to Happiness. 

“Loophole to Happiness is a collection of thoughts. It is 150 pages, with a 2-9 word thought per page, creating a 585 word operating system for your mind.  I wanted to break productive thinking down to the ‘first principles’ and create a compatible and easy to apply philosophy. This is an important time to understanding the idea of thinking.”

SRS: How did you come up with the format for your book?

“I am in awe by the idea of metaphors… I call them the ‘hyperloop of communication.’ The computer is an incredible example to understand the way we think, making it an ideal system to organize a philosophy. I also appreciate using words efficiently to communicate.”

SRS: Can you explain the health benefits of happiness?

“Being negative is literally toxic. 

One of the lines in Loophole to Happiness is ‘Exercise Ignites Progress’. If you decide to be active, you are more confident, stand taller, and allows you to enjoy more experiences.”

SRS: What do you most hope people take away from Loophole to Happiness?

“I hope people are given an advantage, by a few or all of these ideas, and their life continues with a more manageable perspective.”

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SRS: The book is endorsed by Ross Lynch and Daren Martin. How did that come about?

“Ross Lynch was there, half of the 8 years writing Loophole to Happiness. He influenced me, and the book. He is a diamond of a human, and I know he (and all of R5 and Ryland) is going to do many more amazing things. He is one of the first people that received the first draft of the book. Ross and I have had many incredible conversations. (Interesting side note – I filmed Ross’ audition for ‘My Friend Dahmer’ on tour.. which I encourage you all to watch)

I met author Daren Martin as I was strategizing ways to publish Loophole to Happiness. He has become my mentor and one of my closest friends… and his books are incredible. He calls Loophole to Happiness, the ‘e=mc2 of happiness’, because the book is written like an equation. I occasionally co-host his podcast, ‘The Daren Martin Show.'”

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SRS: Can you tell us any crazy stories from being in the road with R5?

“There are a lot of stories. R5 took me to 30+ countries over 3 years. I love them all in their own way, and is an honor of my life to have documented a period of their lives.

The first that comes to mind is a sold out show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an arena filled with 8000 enthusiastic fans. As I followed Ross on the stage to get the show started, I turned around and then he stopped singing… he fell into the crowd.  I aimed my camera with one hand and tried to help Ross out of the crowd with the other, because it looked like he was about to die being trampled. It was an animal instinct moment. He gave me his mic and I tried to help him get back on stage as security realize what is happening. I realized after I hadn’t pressed record, and didn’t get the footage. He was OK, although he lost a necklace. It was found and he got it back in the next city. 

Also a riot another time in Argentina, crazy stories in Tokyo, airport security situations, Intense meet & greets, etc..”

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SRS: Is there an ultimate, favorite photograph you have taken?

“I don’t have a favorite. But one of the photos with the most meaning is a photograph of the incredible singer songwriter, Wesley Geiger. We road tripped from Dallas to LA to shoot photos for his debut album. He drove his Ford Ranger and we camped in a single person tent in Sedona, Monument Valley, Joshua Tree, and the Grand Canyon on the way. The photo he used for his album was taken at 5:30 am in Sedona, outside our tent. It just represents a great experience and friendship.”

SRS: Your book is very inspirational so we have to ask, what are some of your biggest inspirations?

“Thank you! 

Leonardo Da Vinci – He wanted to know everything.

Isaac Newton – Used the metaphor of a machine to understand the universe.

Elon Musk – He believes in his ideas, and is willing to risk everything for them.”

SRS: Are there any further reading suggestions you can suggest to us?

“Daren Martin, PhD in Psychology has an incredible collection of books. Specifically ‘A Company of Owners’. He is really good at explaining concepts with subtle words.

Not a book, but a band called The Roomsounds. They are close friends, and the music is incredible. I shot their video ‘Couldn’t Break my Spirit’ with them, you can find it on YouTube.”