What Does DNCE’s New Single Actually Mean?

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I’m hot, you’re probablyconfusedaboutJoeJonas’newsong… er… cold…


So, Joe Jonas threw a curve ball at us a while ago when he announced he is creating his own band (Because why would you only be in one band for your whole life cough cough Jo Bros cough cough) named DNCE, based on a little offbeat pop genre.

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Where are Nick and Kevin and why do their replacements have such hip hair styles?!

The pop star recently took to Instagram to tease fans with a sneak peak into their new single titled, Cake By The Ocean.





By the ocean?

There are three ways to think about this:

1.) Joe Jonas is talking about literal cake by the literal beach. 

Theory one is personally my favorite, though also so unpractical. Think about how unappetizing a cake would be in the sun after swallowing your body weight in salt water trying to act casual in the ocean. Or just trying to take bites without catching some sand, because then everything gets crunchy and nothing is O-KAY. Then again, maybe this is a spin-off/reply song to Lana Del Rey’s new single, High By The Beach. If that’s the case, then yes… cake by the ocean makes total sense.

2.) J-Dawg is staying hip with the times and talking about booty.

That’s right, our favorite little boy band singer is no longer the curly headed fetus we all knew and loved. He’s now a grown man with lots of facial hair and manly urges; like singing about/thinking about/looking at/touching butts. This is pretty logical, since a beach setting means lots of bathing suits which also means lots o’ butts.

3.) Joe is a deep, philosophical thinker and “cake by the ocean” is actually a metaphor. 

Who knew right? Sir Joseph Adam Jonas, that’s his philosopher name, is a genius. Will I try to explain what this could possibly be a metaphor about? No. No I will not. But, I will say that a Lana response is still not out of question. Also, this would be a super meta song to match their super meta band name. #Hipster

Listen to the new single below and tell us what YOU think this new single is about, or if you’re still coping with the fact the Jo Bros are no more. Or both.

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