Welcome Our New Blogger Erinn On The Road with Vans Warped Tour

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Well we’re a week and a half in and we just finished 2 incredible off days. To say this experience is surreal is an understatement. To think  a few years ago I was attending warped thinking how cool it’d be to work just the Atlanta date and now I’m working every date for a charity. … Rehearsal day was a blur. Jetlag, excitement, rain, and lack of food contributed to the haze.

I met up with a few friends, and wondered about when others flights would arrive. Picked up all of the first day freebies, attempted to sleep and then boom- the sun was up for day one. Day one and 2 consisted of some HUGE hiccups. I think we’ve problem solved a great deal and will be set to go by the time our next tour date hits (New Mexico). Meanwhile more friend meet-ups means more fun. It’s like being at summer camp and seeing your old friends and meeting new ones. Honestly it’s insane how much love there is out here. You feel like the awkward new kid at times, but for the most part if you”re like “Hi I’m Erinn…” you’ve got a new hang out buddy 3mins later. There’s so many wonderful people on this tour…. Currently my bus mates (14 total) consist of reps for Victory records, fearless, Keep a breast, music cares, full sail, and my partner in crime at FOCNOW.

Tonight  I’m “DJing” aka playing a playlist from my iPhone- and everyone is totally into it. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten thru a full playlist with a group of people in my life. Most people don’t get my playlist but this is yet another example of why I feel like I belong here. People get me. They understand the process and totally appreciate it. Queue the “warm bubblies”. To  think I get all these beautiful feelings from someone just listening to my playlist… Everyone just wants to be heard.

Any who you’re probably who I am and what I do and why I am rambling on and on about my friends. Well in short, I’m Erinn Knight.  I’m from Atlanta and I manage a band there called The Silver Comet. This is my second year on Warped. I’m out as the assistant Tour Manager for a charity the band is closely partnered with called FeedOur Children NOW. You’ll get to know me as I share my Warped experiences over the next 2 months. If you’ve got questions send them my way I’ll try to answer them in the next blog. Until then you can stay up to date with all of my tour shenanigans on twitter and vine- @ErinnTSC.

Until we meet again….

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