WATCH: Keith Urban Releases “Female” Lyric Video

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Keith Urban has released the lyric video for his newest song “Female” and you can press play below to watch it.

The lyric video features splashes of paint and brush strokes of color while featuring a female’s eye. Colors of pink, purple, black and white are used to highlight the lyrics in a beautiful fashion. “Sister, shoulder, daughter, lover / Healer, broken halo, mother / Nature, fire, suit of armor / Sole survivor, holy water,” Urban sings in the chorus of “Female.” “Secret Keeper, fortune teller / Virgin Mary, scarlet letter / Technicolor, river wild / Baby girl, woman, child / Female.”  

The video eloquently displays what the song is truly about and is one of the best lyric videos in Urban’s career. Here’s hoping a music video is in the future.

Check out the lyric video below:

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